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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  May 5, 2013 4:00pm-5:01pm PDT

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that i won't forget. have a great week. we'll see you next fox news sunday. ththththththththththththh fox urges federal authorities entering ha hazmatss entered the home of one of the boston marathon suspects. this is where tamerlan tsarnaev lived with his wife and child. this home in cambridge, massachusetts has seen a lost action. inside the fox report, suspected air strikes target sensitive sites inside syria where there's a civil war going on. the assad regime points the finger at israel. the syrian government calling the attacks a dollaration of war. fox reports fears of escalating violence in the region and new
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questions about what the u.s. should do now. also, a vicious attack on a soccer field ends in tragedy. a referee left in a coma has died. all of this after a player, angry over a call, allegedly punched that referee in the head. in minutes, the charges that teenager faces. and nothing out of the ordinary here. a guy gets pulled over for a routine traffic stop. that's one of the officers yelling before a barrage of bullets hits her squad car. they say they didn't see it coming. i'm harris faulkner. we begin tonight with syria and the civil war that's claimed more than 70,000 lives and made a million refugees and shown instability in an area already volatile. right next door, our friend and ally israel. new developments. israel playing a much more active role now in trying to protect itself from the chaos over the border. we can show you what is believed
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to be second israeli air strike this three days, hitting targets inside syria, this time prompting a series of powerful explosions in and around the capitol city, da mas damascus. tremendous blow and country discussion there. what you were watching reportedly recorded by syrian activists. we've been told a rough translation of what they were saying is oh, my god, explosions in damascus. we cannot independently verify this video, however. israel does not confirm the sort of thing explicitly. but the syrian government blames israel, and there's more. this video from a hezbollah-run station, claiming to show aftermath of the strike. the military in israel sending two iron dome batteries to its northern cities to protect
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against potential rocket attacks. you may recall the last time israel deployed its rocket defense system was in january right before it carried out an earlier suspected air strike in syria this year. the target then, a weapons convoy. we have live fox team coverage now. steve centanni in washington where we're told lawmakers are closely watching the situation develop tonight. first, let's go to conor pau pol in jerusalem. >> reporter: israel is on high alert. all civilian flights have been cancelled. this comes as the syrian government is vowing to respond to these israel air strikes. they appear to be taking nothing off the table. for the second time in 72 hours, israeli jets launched air strikes in syria. according to syrian state tv, today's target was a scientific research center near damascus, the same site israelis attacked in january. the goal of the recent strikes is to prevent the transfer of sophisticated weapons from the
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assad regime to iranian backed hezbollah fighters in lebanon. with tensions rising here, israel is taking precautionary steps to protect itself from steeran retaliation. in the past 48 hours israel has moved two iron dome anti-missiles systems to the northern part of the country. last november the iron dome system knocked out hundreds of rockets fired from gaza. the hope today is that it will do the same if needed. the syrian government said today the strike represented a dollar ratiodeclaration of war and syrn would respond in a timely manner. >> the prime minister called the recent air strikes a gross violation of international law and warned that syria would use any means necessary to protect itself, harris. >> we're getting those details tonight and those are fresh. any means necessary. how might syria respond? >> reporter: well, despite all the threats and the sort of chest thumping, so far syria has stopped short of declaring all-out war. still, there are fears that the
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president of syria, bashar al-assad, may need to demonstrate his strength and may launch some type of retall yea toir attack to show he's still in charge and that will open him to israeli air strikes, possibly even targeting himself. few actually think assad will launch any type of attack, but that doesn't mean people here in israel or in the entire region aren't concerned for what could happen next, harris. >> you know, i was reading, conner, earlier where people inside damascus were relieved because it meant they suddenly were not the focus of this regime. i thought that was an interesting comment. >> reporter: yeah. it sure is. there's still a lot of internal dynamic in syria right now. the syrian government has tried to blame these air strikes on israel by suggests they're trying to help the rebels. obviously that's probably more propaganda on the part of the assad regime, but because israel isn't any more comfortable with the rebels than they are with the assad regime, they have problems with both, but internal
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dynamics are going on in syria where the regime is trying to essentially use them for their own benefit, harris. >> conor powell reporting live from the region. thank you very much. what was syria targeting? the certain missile is likely. it was upgraded last year to a version that has the range of 185 miles. it's the most accurate weapon of its kind in iran's arsenal. that missile would put almost any part of israel within range. by the way, fatah means conqueror in the official language of iran. first, conventional weapons like those in syria falling into the wrong hands but more potentially worry some, syria's stock pile of chemical weapons. already reports they've been used inside the country against civilian. we've seen president obama initially threaten if the assad regime used weapons like that, that would cross a, quote, red line. the obama administration wants more proof about the use of
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chemical warfare while it considers the white house's options. meanwhile, today the republican head of the house intelligence committee weighed in on this. >> we've been saying for some time now we believe over the course of two years small amounts of chemical weapons have been used. i think that's beyond a shadow of a doubt at this point. we really don't want to be the sheriff, but we do want to be the coach. that's where we can bring the most impact. >> steve centanni in washington with the news. steve, now that we've seen chemical weapons used in syria, we don't have details of how or when. is the white house any closer to taking action? >> reporter: well, harris, the pressure is clearly on. it's mounting as we speak, and defense secretary chuck hagel last week said arming the rebels is a consideration, but no decision has yet been made. >> i don't take any options off the table as commander-in-chief. circumstances can change. you never know what contingencies you have to deal with, but what i do know is that
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i cannot see a scenario right now in which american boots on the ground would make any sense. >> reporter: but the president's critics say he should have acted sooner and that he failed to follow through when syria crossed the so-called red line by using chemical weapons. >> the whole situation is becoming more and more expansive and unfortunately the red line that the president of the united states has written was apparently written in disappearing ink. >> reporter: mccain said we need a, quote, game-changing intervention now, harris. >> what would be the down side of arming the rebels? > >> reporter: we have to make sure we're arming the right people in syria. one republican member of congress is very worried about that. >> my concern is that by arming the rebels, we could be arming al-qaeda. whatever arming we do, and obviously assad is evil and it's
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in everyone's interest that he go, but if we are going to arm the rebels, we have to make sure that those arms are not going to end up in the possession of al-qaeda supporters. >> reporter: king said we don't want to replace assad with al-qaeda. harris? >> steve centanni, thank you very much. a lot of discussion this sunday about whether president obama ever should have suggested an ultimatum when it came to hitting syria and its citizens with chemical weapons, syria hitting its own citizens, i should say, especially now that israel has hit inside of syria, potentially. does that put the united states in sort of a put up or shut up mode? i'll ask former united nations ambassador that question coming up later inside the fox report. i may ask him about that next development as well on benghazi. new reaction today to the whistle blowers. those people who survived the attack on our american outpost in libya last september. they're set to testify before congress this week. three state department employees claim to have detailed information on the horror that happened last september 11th when four americans were killed
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in that terror attack on our diplomatic outpost. fox news has revealed and was the first to reveal the names of eric nordstrom, gregory hicks, and mark thompson. they will speak publicly together for the first time this weekend in front of the house oversight committee. utah congressman jason shay fits will be at the hearing. he accuses the obama administration of trying to suppress them. >> they're scared to death of what the state department is doing to them. look. we're the other branch of government. they need to be able to reveal this type of information. >> the obama administration denied those accusations several times. press secretary jay carney said last week the white house is not aware of any agency attempts to keep any potential witnesses from coming forward. elizabeth prann with more from the d.c. bureau. >> reporter: ahead of wednesday's house hearing response to the terrorist attack that cost four american lives in
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benghazi, we're getting a peek into one of the whistle blowers' testimony. the house oversight committee releasing a transcript of the interview of the deputy chief of the mission at the ambassador in libya, gregory hicks. he's scheduled to speak at the hearing on wednesday. included in his new testimony he reports, quote, i think everybody in the mission thought it was a terrorist attack from the beginning. i never reported a demonstration. i reported an attack on the consulate. the last report, if you want to say his final report is greg, we're under attack. chris is in reference to christopher stephens, the former ambassador to libya who was murdered that night. represent darrell issa said the white house, specifically un ambassador susan rice, continued to push the incident in response to a propaganda video. the president of libya said the attack had trace of a planned assault. >> the challenge is we're being told this may have been a protest when, in fact, clearly all evidence we have should have been no, the ambassador before
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he was killed believed he was under attack. everyone working in the mission, both in benghazi and in tripoli, believed it was an attack, and the president of libya believed it was a premeditated attack. >> reporter: the two other men who claimed to know what happened that night will come forward on weapons, former marine and deputy coordinate for operations in the state department's counter terrorism burbureau mark thompson and alsa security based off in tripoli before the cautio -- a securityr based in tripoli, mark thompson. he said he thought the consulate needed more security and the state department told him no. right now workers in hazmat suits going over whatever they took from the home of one of the boston terror bomber suspects. this just days after explosive residenresidue was found in the. a possible new clue in the search for a missing minnesota woman. we'll tell you what police say they found. her brother is talking to the
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4:17 pm
attack, the room belonging to the surviving suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev. david lee miller is in copley square. david, why were they back at that apartment today? >> reporter: well, the fbi through a spokeswoman would only say that the agency is conducting, and i quote now, court-authorized law enforcement activity. the entire search, harris, lasted only about six hours. in addition to the hazmat suits that they brought with them, there was also a sniffer dog. local police closed off the street. now, what they're looking for, we do not know. what they found, we do not know. one possible clue here, one of the investigators had with him a wrench, the same type of wrench that a plumber might use to disconnect pipe. meanwhile, the body of tamerlan tsarnaev for the third day is at a worcester, massachusetts funeral home. so far no cemeteries in the state have agreed to accept his remains. this afternoon tamerlan's uncle was at the funeral home and said it is only appropriate for his
4:18 pm
nephew to be buried in the u.s. >> he lived in america. he grew up here in the last ten years he resided here in cambridge, so therefore, any contemplations that his body should have been taken to his home country, they do not really coincide with reality. >> reporter: that same uncle said that in the future, he would like to have the chance to visit with his other nephew, dzhokhar, who is in a hospital, a prison hospital, recovering from injuries. harris? >> reporter: david lee, moments ago i was telling viewers about this one suspect in custody and the fact that his attorneys want him to be released. >> harris: what more do we know about that? >> reporter: over the weekend his attorneys filed legal papers asking for bail, and they set forth a number of reasons. among them, they say, he is not
4:19 pm
a flight risk. they say up until now he has never been arrested. they say he was born and raised in the city of boston. they also point out in his legal papers he's not accused of helping suspects. his attorneys say if released, his conditions might include such things as gps monitoring as well as restricted contact with others. we should learn more tomorrow. he appears in court at 2 p.m. for a bail haring. harris? >> harris: he was accused of going to the dorm room that belonged to dzhokhar tsarnaev days after the bombing attack. thank you very much. daunting task for police near maps minneapolis, minnesot. police are searching for a woman who was missing by friends and family last week when she didn't show up for her job. the case had a major setback
4:20 pm
yesterday when her boyfriend died of a self inflicted gunshot wound before police could question him. now investigators are combing a region in eden prairie where unfired ammunition has been found. they're being assisted by a lot of volunteers who have been so touched by the plight of the family. >> it's been really tough. i've got a lot of faith. she's a very strong woman. she had a broken leg, she would walk the earth 10 times over. she's a fighter. that's all i know she is. all these cops are doing a phenomenal job. you couldn't ask for anything more. >> harris: stephen matula said he remains undeterred and determined to bring her home. he said he is driven by mandy's memory. a community in mourning after a soccer referee allegedly was punched by a player. he was left in a coma all last week. we learned today he died. the charges that teenage player is now facing ... next. a limousine becomes a death
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>> harris: in utah, a deadly turn of events in the case of a referee allegedly assaultd by a teenage soccer player. we've been following the story tofor several days now. 46-year-old ricardo portillo has died. we reported he's been in a coma since being punched in the face last weekend during a soccer match. a 17-year-old player faces serious criminal charges. following the case for us, caroline connelly with fox affiliate fox 13 in salt lake city. what's the latest, caroline? >> reporter: hi, harris. we're on the field where ricardo
4:25 pm
officiated most of his games. he passed away at 9:30 last night after spending a week in the hospital with a severe brain injury. we were actually on the field yesterday for the league's first game since that incident. we spoke with families who knew him. they described him as kind, always fair, and many considered him to be a part of their families as well. now, he had been in a coma and his family was hoping that he would be able to make a full recovery, but his three daughters during a press conference thursday said he was passionate about the game of soccer and just loved his job, so for them, it's really impossible for them to understand how something like a bad call could lead to all of this. >> i just don't think it's fair for this person to come and take a decision that he didn't even think that he was going t to affect all these families. i don't know. i just want justice for my dad. i want justice for my dad, and we're going to get it. >> reporter: now, the teen
4:26 pm
involved was taken to a juvenile deposition facility on -- detention facility on charges of aggravated assault. now that the ref has died, the charge is expected to get more serious. >> harris: they've been very protective of his name because he's under 18 years old. does this change the information that will be released to the public? >> reporter: well, i did speak with the salt lake county district attorney's office who will be handling this case. he could only say they'll review it tomorrow. i spoke with a former prosecutor. he's 17, but because of how serious this is, it's likely he'll be charged as an adult. he said manslaughter is a possibility and also homicide by assault which could be easier to prove according to this former prosecutor because you just have to show that there was an intent to commit assault, harris. >> harris: caroline connelly at our fox affiliate in salt lake city. thanks very much. you can learn more about this facility at and those are your other news sources. an air strike against syria raising more tensions in the
4:27 pm
middle east. coming up, former u.s. ambassador to the united nations, john bolton, will join us with what he thinks the united states should do now. mother nature lending a helping hand to crews battling g wildfires in california. it's been a tough few days. firefighters are looking to get the upper hand. we'll have a live report. look what mommy is having. mommy's having a french fry. yes she is, yes she is. [ bop ] [ male announcer ] could've had a v8. 100% vegetable juice, with three of your daily vegetable servings in every little bottle. with three of your daily vegetable servings have hail damage to both their cars. ted ted is trying to get a hold of his insurance agent. maxwell is not.
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>> harris: if you're just joining us, new reaction to a series of air strikes in syria. that country which has been in a civil war for two years blaming israel for the hit a few hours ago. the suspected target, iranian mismissiles believed to be headd for hezbollah. the air strikes adding a new twist to syria's civil war but they insist they're not getting drawn into a debate currently on the minds of people inside our country, mainly the use of chemical weapons and whether the red line president obama has mentioned in the past has been crossed. former u.s. ambassador to the united nations and fox news contributor john bolton joins us by phone now. so ambassador, israel suspected of those air strikes inside syria. again today is the u.s. being pulled into the civil war there? >> i think the obama administration really doesn't have the strategy or the policy. it moves from one event to another as if they're all disconnected, but what the israelis have done with these
4:32 pm
strikes is just make it very clear to iran, to syria, to hezbollah that they are not going to let sophisticated weapons get out of syria into lebanon, and it's a demonstration of resolve and determination that i think the obama administration could learn some lessons from. >> harris: you talk about our administration here in the united states vast lating, kind of going all over the road. one thing the president seemed to make clear, though, was this red line that couldn't be crossed. the use of chemical weapons on its own people by the government of syria. then we find out they actually did that, and we actually don't know how. we don't know when. you wrote a column in the "wall street journal" just this past week saying president obama put the u.s. in a box with those words. why? >> well, he did, and by failing to follow through on it, he's impaired his own personal credibility, but also the credibility of our country. i happen to think the red line he drew was the wrong red line, but once you make a commitment like that, everybody around the world watches to see if the
4:33 pm
president follows through. the co contrast could not be clearer. particularly to iran which is watching this very carefully given its nuclear weapons program getting quite close to crossing the finish line. >> harris: so what are the options now? if you say what almost sounds like a game of put up or shut up that we're in, if that's actually where we've been delivered by these lines, what are our options? >> i don't think just because you make a mistake and say something foolish like this red line turned out to be that you have to compound the mistake, make matters worse by following through. we're going to have to take this hit to our credibility and try and repair it later. the real strategy for the united states in syria ought to be to make sure that these chemicals weapons do not get outside of the country to threaten us and our friends and allies armed the world if they fall in the hands of terrorists.
4:34 pm
>> harris: according to their sources, white house aides wish that the president hadn't said this about the red line. that's their reporting, not ours. what does this do to the president's credibility? you mentioned that on the syrian issue, and why does that matter? >> i think especially when you see leaks coming from his own administration, criticizing him, in effect, it shows a president who basically doesn't focus enough on national security issues, and moving, really, in an almost random pattern, not following a particular strategy in natural security terms -- in national security terms, but because of the domestic political considerations. i think it says to the rest of the world that this is a time to try and take advantage of the united states because we're not paying adequate attention. >> harris: ambassador, before i let you go, i want to turn quickly to benghazi. we're about to hear from the whistleblowers, the people who
4:35 pm
survived the deadly attack on the outpost in libya on september 11th. they can talk about that night. our ambassador, chris stephens, and three other americans were murdered. we're looking at the whistleblowers on the screen right now. ambassador, if you were on the house panel on wednesday when they're set to testify, what would be your first question to the whistleblowers? >> well, i think the first question is tell us everything you know about what happened during the day on september the 11th because the american people need to know that this was a terrorist attack from the beginning. i think there's so many questions that haven't been answered. why were the requests for enhanced security before that 9/11 attack denied? where did these talking points come from? what was the situation in the immediate aftermath? this is a hearing that should go on for days, not just for a fuse hours. >> harris: interesting, i can't wait to talk with you as that one gets set to go an also as we watch more developments happening now in syria. ambassador john bottleon, thanks very much for joining us. your exper perspective always
4:36 pm
appreciated. i'll make a quick correction. these whistle blowers are not survivors but new details are coming in on these people who can talk about what happened that night in september of last year. the benghazi whistleblowers set to appear before house makers, house lawmakers on wednesday. earlier this hour we told you about the expected testimony from one of these men. now we're getting some brand new information about what another witness is set to share with congress. chief washington correspondent james rosen joining me by phone now. james, this information is just coming in, a star witness with some details that we haven't heard before. >> reporter: that's right, harris. thanks very much. this is all breaking right as we speak on, and this is really shaping up to be a scorcher of a congressional hearing on wednesday. fox news has learned that one of the witnesses will testify that then secretary of state hillary clinton and a key aide, the undersecretary of state for management, patrick kennedy,
4:37 pm
effectively tried to cut out the department's own counter terrorism bureau from the chain of reporting and decision-making on this crisis in the early hours after the attacks. that's according to one of the star witnesses at this hearing on thursday. mark thompson is a former marine, and now the deputy coordinator for operations in the agency's counterterrorism bureau. he considers himself a whistleblower. his attorney has charged that mr. thompson has faced threats of reprisal and intimidation in advance of his cooperation with congress. separately fox news has learned that another official from the counterterrorism bureau independently of mark thompson also voiced the same complaint about secretary clinton and undersecretary kennedy to trusted national security colleagues back in october. fox news has reached out to former secretary of state clinton and to undersecretary kennedy for comment but did not hear back from them immediately and for some hours now, so this is really going to be quite an
4:38 pm
interesting hearing on wednesday. in addition to what you've heard from gregory hicks, you've got mark thompson getting set to charge that secretary clinton tried to cut out the counterterrorism bureau of the state department from the chain of reporting and decision-making on 9/11. if all goes forward as we expect on wednesday, this would effectively return secretary of state clinton to the center of this now swirlin swirling benghi matter. >> harris: you wonder if she would then be called again to testify or what kind of role going forward she might play in all this. just getting back to this whistle blowers, james, this is breaking wide open on sunday evening. they're set to testify in just a couple of days. you say you've reached out to some of the people affected by this. i'm curious. are there other lawmakers now coming on the record on this sunday night? >> reporter: yes. we saw on "fox news sunday" this morning congressman jason chaff chaffetz, a member of the house oversight committee that's
4:39 pm
chairld bchairld bychaired by cl issa and we've learned what mark thompson is going to testify. it's not the only thing he'll testify to about clinton and kennedy but it's probably the most sensational charge we'll hear at the hearing. we want to point out we've reached out to clinton and kennedy and so far have not heard back from them. >> harris: all right. come back this hour as the news warrants, james rosen, because it's developing on this sunday. thank you very much for joining us with the latest on this. >> reporter: thank you, harris. check it out on >> harris: our other news source. thanks, james. firefighters in california are trying to get a handle on a series of dangerous wildfires. here's a look at the scope of the problems they're facing in the golden state. several massive fires burning thousands of acres, some threatening homes. the largest is the springs wildfire burning in the santa monica mountains north of los angeles. that fire has already charred 44 square miles since it began on thursday. strong santa ana winds finally
4:40 pm
giving way to cooler temperatures and higher humidity, allowing fire crews to finally gain some ground on this whole thing. domonic dinatale is live. some relief tonight, dom. >> reporter: oh, yaw. absolutely at long last. the fact that the evacuation orders are in place and are being lifted in ventura county. as of yesterday there were 4,000 homes at risk. now it's down to 100. 100 homes that are going to potentially face the flames in the same way these homes here in newbury park did as the fire came to they ver their very doo. take a listen. evidence of an intense fire here just days ago. you can see whispers of smoke on the hillside behind me and probably the yellow of the helmets of the fire crew dampening out the embers. the winds are very unpredictable and could easily whip up and reignite the fire that was here
4:41 pm
in hidden valley just east of los angeles. let's talk to one of the fire crew members who is actually coordinating with the men on the mountain. jimmy morales is with engine company number 4. how much risk is there for reignition of a fire? >> definitely it's a high risk. the winds are a great potential to rekindle fires. we have lookouts in place, firefighters out there doing a great job, mopping up these fires and looking for hot spots. >> reporter: we're getting a bit ir. it was raining a second ago. is that helping the job? >> just a little. not too much. it does make a difference. >> reporter: cal fire says they now believe there's no suspicious activity behind the cause of the springs fire which has been the biggest so far this season, but they do warn that the causes behind it believe might have been a tossed cigarette on highway 101 or a hot tail pipe hitting grass on the highway. it's going to be similar
4:42 pm
circumstances that could actually be one of the worst wildfire as soo seasons in quitw year. it could be as bad as 2003 and 2007 because of the dry winter we've had, harris. back to you. >> harris: boy, you hate to hear that. there's so many cities and counties cash-strapped because fighting those things are not cheap. we want everybody to stay safe. dom, thank you very much. in ohio, a crash course on how to fly a drone. here's why it's best left to the professionals. coming up, an unplanned flight smacked into the arms of lady justice an it's caught on tape. a deadly done battl gun batn police officers and a man bearing a big gun. wait until you hear what police later found in his car. i want to make things more secure. [ whirring ] [ dog barks ] i want to treat mo dogs. ♪ our business needs more cases. [ male announcer ] where do you want to take your business? i need help selling art. [ male announcer ] from broadband to web hosting
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4:45 pm
>> harris: within the past two hours the department of defense identifying the names of three air force members killed in a plane crash. defense officials say captain mark voss, captain victoria
4:46 pm
pinkney and tech sergeant herman mackey died when their tanker exploded in mid air. they were on a refueling mission for the war effort in neighboring afghanistan. the defense department is now looking into the cause of that explosion. what began as a routine traffic stop after a driver ran a red light quickly turned into a firefight with police. it's caught on tape. our first stop on this fox trip across america. ohio. police near cleveland just releasing this dash cam video from march showing officers in a shootout with a man armed with a semi automatic ak-47. his or mar-piercing bullets went through the patrol car. both officers hurt but survived. the gunman was shot 19 times and died. police say in addition to his two assault weapons, they found 9 clips of ammo, gun powder, and a book on explosives inside the car. virginia. an experimental plane crashes in
4:47 pm
a field near norfolk, killing the two men on board. police say it missed several landing attempts at a nearby airport before going down close to a mobile home park. still no word on what caused the accident. illinois. a man and his mom barricaded inside a condominium. a three-hour standoff in suburban chicago. officers say they responded to reports of several shots fired in a that home. somehow the mother disarmed her son before she escaped the building safely. the man remained barricaded but eventually gave himself up. doctors now evaluating him, not clear if he'll be charged with any crime. no one was hurt. back to ohio. what goes up does not always come down. a man filming a promotional video for a town near columbus using a drone, that is, a camera equipped remote controlled helicopter. it accidentally gets stuck in the statue of lady justice atop the county courthouse. i hate it when that happens. the owner wants it back. >> if it can be brought down
4:48 pm
intact, that will be good. iit will be interesting to see the footage at the point of impact. >> harris: that's the fox watch across america. well, it was a record-breaking day on wall street. the last time they traded, those investors, at the corner of wall and broad, stocks soaring after better than expected jobs report. will that rally that we saw round out the week, and what does it mean for your 401k, your retirement? you know he wha what we call ite bottom line.
4:49 pm
4:50 pm
4:51 pm
>> harris: jury deliberations set to resume tomorrow in the murder trial of a philadelphia abortion doctor. jurors considering some 250 criminal counts against dr. kermit gosnell. he's accused of running a corrupt clinic that allegedly performed third-term abortions
4:52 pm
for desperate women and teenagers. four of his workers have pleaded guilty to murder. some testified gosnell killed or had killed four babies after they were born alive. one patiently reportedly died of -- patient reportedly died of an overdose. operators describe his operation as a pill mill for junkies by day and an all cash abortion mill at night. fox news reporting see no evil, the kermit gosnell story, hosted by bret baier. this hour-long special includes interviews with gosnell's former patients and provides a glimpse inside the clinic that many have described as a house of horrors. we are hours away from a fresh trading day on wall street after better than expected jobs reports since stocks soaring on friday with the big question. how will it open? will it be great? senior business correspondent and host of bulls and bears, brenda buttner, has more. >> reporter: talk about running the bulls in a stampede, and
4:53 pm
that means your 401k is likely better than okay. the broad market, the s&p 500, a part of many retirement plans, is at an all time high. a better than expected jobs report sent stocks soaring, but will the bulls take a breather? they're certainly due for one. the s&p up some 13% so far this year, and get this. since the bull market was born in 2009, the broad market has gained nearly 140%, but often when stocks jump through milestones, investors jump in. that's because they don't want to miss out on more gains. the thinking is dow 15,000, i don't want to missdown 20,000. these days wall street seems to cheer good news, ignore bad. there is good news to celebrate. the housing market seems to have found its foundation, and interest rates keep falling, hitting record lows. plus, there is uncle ben, the head of the fed, signaling the
4:54 pm
central bank will continue to print money. jobs need to drive the economy and nearly 12 million americans are still unemployed. plus, many employers are cutting hours because of the new health care law. what will wall street watch this week? not much in terms of economic numbers out, and earnings season is winding down. investors hoping the real news will again be more highs. back to you, harris. >> harris: brenda, thank you. some tough play in the nba. two big games won by single digits with only seaghtdz left o play. peter is in the green room getting pretty, getting ready to join me at home base on the fox report. [ male announcer ] what do you get when you take 100% whole grain brown rice and wheat and bake it with real sweet potato or savory red bean? a new line of triscuit crackers with a delicious taste and a crispier crunch. brown rice triscuit. a new take on an old favorite. that your mouth is under attack, from food particles and bacteria.
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>> harris: way to do pete's job. the oklahoma city thunder was up. fox
4:58 pm
that was a relief. kevin was feeling it. he had an incredible game. no one is taking the oklahoma city thunder seriously right now because their point guard, russell westbrook, is out with an injury for the ref o rest ofe playoffs. people are writing off the team. they're playing against the memphis grizzlies, one of the toughest teams in the league. it was an incredible effort, and kevin martin, a guy nobody expected much out of, had a huge game. >> i always like the drama of this because i'm a little more addicted to the nfl, but with kevin durant, the story is interesting. he always sees himself in second place. the heat has been on him. >> it's interesting. the heat won it last year. everyone is focusing on this year. kevin durant had this team of talented player that lost james harden. they traded him to the rockets. westbrook goes down with an injury. all eyes are on kevin durant, one of the most nba's liked player. this might be the year this 245s
4:59 pm
him over the hump. >> i watched the knicks come back from a 26-point lead. they almost lost the game. they played the pacers and did not do well. >> they did not do well. a couple of players later they come in and host the pacers. first second round series in new york over a decade and the pacers outwilled them. this was a tough game. this reminded me of the mid '90s pacers-knicks series. carmelo anthony did not have a great game. he reinjured his shoulder. the knicks have to defend their home court. they did not do the job today. pacers gave it to them, and it was a big win. >> harris: carmelo went into this one hurt. he was hurt in the last game against boston. lebron james crowned mvp, fourth time in five years. >> no questions here, although there was one voter who voted forr carmelo anthony. now there's a witch hunt going on. who voted for carmelo. we don't know who it is. lebron james, his fourth mvp.
5:00 pm
congratulations. >> harris: is his mom allowed to vote? >> i don't know. his girlfriend, wife, lala. maybe she got it in there. >> harris: that's fox reports on this sunday. up next ... huckabee. have a great week. >> tonight on huckabee ... shocking undercover video of abortion clinic workers describing what would happen if a baby is born alive after a failed abortion. >> you let it die on its own? >> we do not resuscitate. >> li lila rose blows the lid of the late term abortion industry. >> if it was breathing or something like that? >> and as whistle blowers prepare to testify on what the government knew about the benghazi attacks, senator lindsey graham wants answers and demands the administration to give up the names of the
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